Monday, December 1, 2014

19th Annual LegiSchool Legislative Summit

There is a great opportunity for Sophomore and Juniors to travel to Sacramento to participate in the 19th Annual LegiSchool Legislative Summit on April 22nd, where the topic will be Climate Change.

The Students must submit a 750 word essay, typed and double-spaced, on the following;

• What, if anything, is your community doing to address climate change? ** “Community” may be the state, the city or county you live in, the school you attend, your neighborhood – you decide!

• Do you agree with the efforts your community has undertaken? Have you seen positive or negative effects? Should the community do more or less?

• What should the role of government be when it comes to climate change?

Essays must include a cover sheet with a name, home address, phone number and e-mail; the name and address of the school; and the name and email of the teacher who distributed this announcement. Please email the essay to If unable to email an essay, please contact Ms. Townsend and make alternative arrangements. Essays must be emailed by January 30, 2015 in order to be considered

About The LegiSchool Project
The LegiSchool Project is a civic education collaboration between California State University, Sacramento, and the California State Legislature, administered by the Center for California Studies. The Project's mission is to engage young people in matters of public policy and state government by creating opportunities for students and state leaders to meet and share ideas on the problems affecting Californians.

Core activities coordinated and administered by the LegiSchool Project include:
Interactive Town Hall Meetings in which state officials and high school students discuss contemporary issues. 

LegiSchool’s annual essay contest, photo contest and art contest.
A Video Curriculum Library comprised of short videos produced by the California Channel and LegiSchool on basic functions of state government (e.g., How A Bill Becomes Law, The Initiative Process, and Checks & Balances: The Three Branches of Government).