Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Semester 2 Schedule Change Requests

The deadline to request class changes has passed.

The DEADLINE to request a schedule change online is THURSDAY, January 15th.

Class changes will only be honored for:
1) errors in schedule (missing period, double periods)
2) taking a class previously taken
Students should see their counselor during the period of the error if applies to #1 or #2.

Class changes will NOT be honored for:
1) teacher changes (requests need to be placed with the assistant principal by calling 474-9710)
2) period changes
3) dropping AP/Honors/Accelerated (Approval from parent, assistant principal, and counselor needed.

Please allow counselors a few days to respond. Students are advised to check their emails periodically. We average 1000+ responses each semester. We will respond as quickly as possible. THANK YOU!