Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scholarship for Engineering Students

Do you know a senior interested in majoring in engineering? Please encourage them to apply to the Morgan-Colorado Engineering Scholarship. This is a great opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a Full-Ride Scholarship!

Here you will find the application

 Here is a link to learn more about all the Engineering specializations at Boulder, http://www.colorado.edu/engineering/academics

Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements

• First-Generation College Student – by our definition, this means that your parents (or grandparents) have not received

a Bachelor’s Degree or higher level of education in the U.S.

• FAFSA – must be willing and able to complete this process.

• Class Rank / GPA – must be ranked in the top 10% of her/his class.

• Must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, a Calculus course as well as at least one AP-level course in any Science subject.

• Undergraduate Admissions – apply and gain admission to CU-B’s College of Engineering & Applied Science. (accepted into the Major, not pre-Engineering).


Return Applications to: Sweetwater High School Counseling Office – Ms. Arroyo

Please send students to see me if they have any questions.

Thank you- Ms. Arroyo :)