Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome Back SUHI! Please read for schedule change procedures

Welcome back Red Devils!

If you are missing a class, have a duplicate class or have "See Counselor" on your schedule, please report to the counseling center in the period of conflict.


If you are asking for a different course placement (with the exception of dropping and AP/Honors/Acc course, that is a case by case basis), those changes will be taking place on the following dates in the counseling center ONLY:
  •                 Tuesday, July 26th – 12th grade changes – 2:40-5:00pm
  •                 Wednesday, July 27th – 11th grade changes – 2:40-5:00pm
  •                 Thursday, July 28th – 10th grade changes – 2:40-5:00pm
  •                 Friday, July 29th – 9th grade changes - 12:40 – 3:30pm

Schedule changes will NOT be done on any other day. 

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