Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Just Smile #BeWellRedDevils

Happy Wellness Wednesday Red Devils!

Last week’s kindness challenge was to smile at others as you walked around campus. How did it go?

This week let’s continue to spread kindness around campus by sharing a smile or two!

Because YELLOW stands for happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and joy, we are asking for our campus community to wear YELLOW on Wednesdays to help promote our Wellness Wednesday efforts.

Self-CareUse your calendar to schedule “me time” to do something you enjoy.

Kindness ChallengeStart a cycle of encouragement. Tell someone near you what you appreciate about them. They may return the favor when you need it most.

Affective StatementI am so appreciative of you/your...

We also invite you to visit our Wellness Wednesday lounge in the counseling center at lunch every Wednesday. It’s the perfect spot to de-stress and decompress.

To spread the good news of our wellness efforts, please use the hashtag #BeWellRedDevils in sharing your Wellness Wednesday activities.

Be Well Red Devils!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Happy Wellness Wednesday! #BeWellRedDevils

Welcome back Red Devils! We hope you had a wonderful summer break!

As many of you know, the work of school counselors falls into the three ASCA domains: academic, college/career, and social/emotional.

In an effort to increase our social/emotional supports on campus, various groups on campus will be sharing Wellness Wednesday messages and coordinating activities for all students and staff.

Because YELLOW stands for happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and joy, we are asking for our campus community to wear YELLOW on Wednesdays to help promote our Wellness Wednesday efforts.

Our Wellness Wednesdays messages will consist of SELF-CARE tips, a KINDNESS CHALLENGE, and an AFFECTIVE STATEMENT:
  • Self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. In order for us to be the best we can be for our students, we have to take care of ourselves.
  • Kindness is very important in creating a sense of community and belonging. One act of small kindness can release an enormous chain of positive events. We hope our weekly challenge will encourage our entire SUHi Family to “choose kindness”. 
  • What are Affective Statements? They are often described as personal expressions of feelings in response to others' positive or negative behaviors. Wellness Wednesday will now include affective statement stems to help connect students with how their behavior is “affecting” or impacting self or others.
To spread the good news of our wellness efforts, please use the hashtag #BeWellRedDevils in sharing your Wellness Wednesday activities.

Today’s Wellness Wednesday Message:

Write a letter to your future June 2019 self. Focus on what you hope to accomplish and achieve.

Kindness Challenge:
Smile, make eye contact, and say hello to others on your way to class. Smiling signals friendliness and encourages positive interactions.

Affective Statements:
I am proud to hear...

Be Well Red Devils!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Free Parenting Classes

Counseling Center Reminders & Class Change Schedule

Welcome back Red Devils to the 2019-2020 school year!

*The last day to request course changes or electives was Friday, May 31st. Any course or elective changes must now be requested on the assigned after school date based on grade level.

*Counselors will focus on resolving scheduling errors and balancing classes during the opening weeks. Students with mistakes or concerns in their schedules can see their counselors during the period of conflict. All students must address concerns in person during these times.

Parents, please direct your students to follow the correct process and practice their self-advocacy skills.

*We are unable to honor requests for specific teachers, class periods, and other preferences. Counselors will work to balance class sizes to ensure productive learning environments and to meet teacher contractual limits. The addition or closure of classes may be necessary with changes in enrollment or staffing.

Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Experience Claremont McKenna College for FREE

A warm hello from Claremont McKenna College! We are writing today with information about our 2019 Fall Preview Fly-In Program. Preview is designed for first-generation college students and students from diverse backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Our program aims to provide high school seniors with an inside look into the life of a CMCer! All transportation costs, housing accommodations, and meals during the program will be covered by CMC.

The Preview application is available now through August 15, 2019. Students can apply at To be considered for the program, students must complete an application including 6 short response essays and submit a high school transcript and a list of their fall term courses.  All of this can be submitted in the application. Applicants and their counselors will be notified of our final selection by Tuesday, August 23. 2019. During the program students will have the opportunity to attend classes, explore our eleven research institutes, attend a presentation at the Athenaeum, connect with current students and professors, and enjoy the perks of the Southern California sun!

CMC is a comprehensive applied liberal arts college. We foster a close-knit, collaborative, diverse community dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and inspired by our mission to prepare students for thoughtful and responsible leadership in the private, public, and social sectors. CMC ranks among the nation's premier liberal arts colleges, enrolling over 1300 students who are eager to engage in intellectually stimulating discussion to develop practical solutions to evolving challenges. With a need-blind policy where students are admitted without regard to their family's financial resources, and our pledge to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need, CMC is committed to ensuring diversity in its student body. To learn more about CMC, please visit

Please forward the attached invitation to students interested in learning more about CMC. If you have any other questions about CMC or the Preview Program, please feel free to reach out to us at or (909) 621-8088.

All-Expenses-Paid Visits for High School Seniors to Williams College

All-Expenses-Paid Visits for High School Seniors
Please encourage your students to apply for the 2019 Windows on Williams (WOW) program by either our July 1 or August 1 deadline. WOW provides more than 200 high-achieving seniors the opportunity to spend three all-expenses-paid days on campus. Preference will be given to students who couldn’t otherwise afford to visit.

We offer two deadlines to give students flexibility: Students who want to hear from us by July 20 should apply by the July 1 deadline; those who want to hear by August 20 should apply by August 1. Please contact us with any questions.

Major Financial Aid Additions
In addition to our longstanding practices of meeting 100% of demonstrated need and providing free textbooks and course materials to all financial aid recipients, I’m thrilled that we were able to announce the following series of initiatives over the last year to provide even greater support for Williams students:
  • Our new “Free Summer” initiative gives students the opportunity to select up to two summers during their Williams career when their summer earnings contribution will be replaced by additional grant funding from the college.We hope this new policy will allow students to consider educationally valuable but unpaid or low-paid summer opportunities that they otherwise couldn’t.
  • The Williams Health Insurance Grant now covers the full cost of health insurance for all aid recipients who don’t have insurance that meets the college’s requirements. Students also have access to an Emergency Medical Fund to cover the cost of unanticipated medical expenses like new eyeglasses, emergency dental care, etc. 
  • All financial aid recipients now get free storage for their personal belongings during summers and study abroad.
  • Through the First Yard Fund, incoming first-years with the greatest financial need will receive a $300 startup grant in mid-July to help them buy personal items they need for college, like a winter coat and boots, dorm room supplies, etc.
To get a sense of how affordable Williams can be, check out MyinTuition. In less than two minutes students can complete six questions and get an accurate and individualized sense of cost and financial aid.

We Hope to See You This Year!
Whether it’s on the road or on campus, we’re always eager to connect in person. If you’re planning a college tour and want to visit Williams, please let us know. We welcome visits at any time of year and offer travel stipends to high schools and community-based organizations who serve low-income students. If you’re interested in learning about how you and your students can connect with Williams in your area, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with your regional admission officer.