Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Counselor/Parent Chat - November 15, 2023

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Counselor/Parent Chats Q & A   November 15, 2023

Guest Speakers: McAlister Institute Q&A:

Are students aware of the harm with nicotine and vaping?  

Yes, we speak to youth as well and educate teenagers on the health concerns with nicotine and vaping.  

Do you go to schools and present?  

Yes, I visit a lot of schools to help educate students.

How can we tell if our student is vaping?  

A lot of vapes still have a smell and release smoke.  The smell is like a fruit.  The smell will stay on clothes, furniture.  If you go into their room or bathroom, check their things. Some vapes look like highlighters.  As we continue to research the consequences of vaping, more information surfaces.

Can schools require random tests for students like they do in some workplaces? 

At McAlister center parents can pay $25 cash for marijuana tests.  Results will be available within 5 minutes.   Per school counselors, we cannot test students, but we can provide resources like MCAlister where they can take their student to be tested.  

Does school allow vaping and/or vapes on campus? No

How do staff/administration check if a student has vape?  

They don’t do random searches, however, if they catch students in a bathroom, etc., and suspect the student is under the influence they will search student belongings.

Counselor Parent Chat- Q&A:

There was a military presentation in one of her students' classrooms, but when she called the school no one on campus knew about it.  Why does this happen?  

I would welcome a parent to speak with their student counselor.  The counselor can help investigate and help discover the answer.   

Do you have support for ADHD?  

Yes, any student with diagnosed mental/physical disability, we have support for your student.  We encourage parents to contact their child's counselor for further details.

Is there a fee waiver for community college?  

There is no fee for community college applications.  The CSU/UC application has questions built in application that determine if a student is a candidate for fee waiver. 

I always check my child's grade, but it shows a missing assignment but my student tells me they turned it in?  

I suggest, via jupiter grades, email the teacher directly to confirm what assignments are missing, or contact your student counselor for help.  

In addition, usually if it’s marked as missing it’s because they turned it in late.  Very likely the student did it late, and it may take time for the teacher to correct late work.  I would encourage parents to tell students that they can review the work they turned in late. 

Do teachers update grades weekly or do they have some kind of timeframe? 

There are no guidelines.  The requirement is that the teacher give a progress report and final grade.  Anything in between progress reports and final grades is teacher discretion.

There are many programs, how can parents be prepared to best guide their students with options available for pre registration?  

At website, parents/students can access Course List with descriptions and some include videos. 

What options are available for period 0/7?  

These are very limited to MCJROTC and bands. Please contact your student counselor for additional help.

When are the next grades? 

 They are the final semester grades.

What is the support students with IEP receive, or can parents select classes for students? 

 Students with IEPs get the same opportunity to request classes with counselors.  In addition, students with IEPs, have IEP meetings to discuss placement, case carrier and counselor to support them.  

What are the upcoming College University and FASFA Deadlines for 12th graders?

Counselors are currently reviewing post-secondary plans with seniors during their individual credit check meeting. Important dates and deadlines can be found on our “So You Want To Go To College” flyer. Seniors can access their grade level presentation on their Google Classroom. The Deadline for CSU/UC’s is November 30th. FASFA Deadline for priority is March 2nd.

Which teacher does my student turn in their hours to and what places are approved by the school?

Community Service Forms need to be turned into History/Social Science teachers. Students need to submit hours ideally that school year. For information on pre-approved places please visit our website under the community service tab.

Monday, October 23, 2023

SUHi Money Monday - Income Caps?

Happy #SUHiMoneyMonday Red Devils!

No matter how much money your family makes, you are eligible for financial aid.

First step is to create your FSA ID! Go to to get started!

FAFSA and CaDAA open in December!

Have questions? See your counselor!


Monday, October 16, 2023

Tutoring October & November


SUHi Monday Monday: Do You Need Money For College?


Attention seniors!

Do you need money for college?

It is important that you submit your FAFSA/CaDAA to increase your chances of receiving the financial aid you are eligible for.

What is the difference between the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act Application (CaDAA):

The first step for all students, parents, and legal guardians applying through the FAFSA will be to register for a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.

We encourage students and their contributors (parents) to create an FSA ID as early as possible to be ready for the December opening of the FAFSA and CaDAA.

How to video here:

Counselors will call you out on SUHi Money Mondays in Novmeber to help with your FSA ID.

Remember, if you do not have a SSN, it’s OK! You are still eligible for financial aid.


See Ms. Luansing afterschool in the counseling center.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

October 2023 Scholarship Bulletin

October 2023 Scholarship Bulletin now available!

Applying for scholarships is beneficial as they can significantly reduce the financial burden of education, open doors to opportunities, recognize achievements, and enhance your academic and personal development.

Class of 2024 Google Classroom: thw7gmh

Thursday, October 12, 2023

University of Colorado, Boulder - Full Ride Scholarship


The Morgan Family Foundation/SUHI Foundation has opened its FULL RIDE scholarship to the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder. Please share with your students. There will be a virtual info meeting, and students must pre-register.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Counselor Chats - Nov 15th

We invite all parents to meet with our dedicated counselors. Join us to discuss your child's academic progress, well-being, and any concerns you may have. Your insights are invaluable in ensuring the success and support of your child's educational journey. Let's work together for their bright future!


Red Ribbon Week: Parent Presentation - Get Real About Drugs

We invite you to a crucial drug awareness workshop, where we'll address the dangers of deadly drugs. Join us for a frank discussion, learn about prevention, and discover vital resources. Your presence can make a significant difference.

Let's protect our children together.

October 25th will be in English, 6PM
October 26th ,Thursday in Spanish, 11am.


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Our Safe Space: October 2023

Hello Our Safe Place Community:

Happy October! We hope you're all doing well and are ready for an exciting month ahead.

As always, we're here to provide support and a sense of belonging for everyone in our community.

We're thrilled to share our October calendar with you, full of engaging activities and events:

๐Ÿ“… October Calendar Highlights ๐Ÿ“…

10/15: Field Trip at 4PM ๐ŸšŒ Join us for an adventure as we embark on a field trip this month! Keep an eye out for updates and details about this exciting outing on our Instagram page! (Program Participants Only)

10/31: Halloween Movie Night at 4PM ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿ‘ป Get ready for some spooky fun as we celebrate Halloween with a movie night. Dress up in your favorite costumes and join us for an evening filled with treats, tricks, and cinematic delights.

We always welcome your questions and feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our team is here to assist you in any way we can. Remember, we offer a range of services, including tours, one-on-one support for parents, presentations, and training sessions. If you have specific needs or ideas for collaboration, please reach out to us.

Wishing you all a fantastic start to the spooky season! ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽƒ


Upcoming University Presentations

Planning to apply to a 4-year University? Want to learn more about the admissions process and overall campus going culture at some universities?

Join us for in person university presentations. (*) virtual presentations

SUHi Wellness Message: October 2023

Be present.

Welcome back students. It’s time to re-focus and get back into the swing of things. Sometimes we are focused on our problems, what happened last week. But it's important to learn to enjoy where you are today, while you are on your way to where you're going. 

Life is not always about the destination; it's about the journey, with all the bumps in the road, the disappointments, the things you don't understand. Too often we rush through the day, trying to force our way through the challenges and setbacks. 

It's important to slow down and enjoy the journey. Focus on what you need to be doing now, maybe it's homework, maybe it's chores. Take it one day at a time and stay in the present.

Be Well Red Devils!


Visit our website for more info:


If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress, please call or text 988 to speak with a trained crisis counselor 24/7/365.


Organizers seek 300 volunteers for two Chula Vista sites 

The City of Chula Vista and the South Bay Sustainable Communities Network are calling for volunteers to register for the 20th annual Beautify Chula Vista Day neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, October 21. 

The event will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon, and volunteers can choose from two Chula Vista locations to participate in beautification activities: Chula Vista Animal Care Facility - 130 Beyer Way, Chula Vista, CA 91911 Memorial Bowl at Memorial Park - 373 Park Way, Chula Vista, CA 91910 

 Volunteers will help remove graffiti and clean up litter from streets, parks, and neighborhoods. Approximately 300 volunteers are needed to make a lasting impact.

 Participants must provide their own transportation, and are advised to wear appropriate clothing and shoes, bring work gloves, a refillable water bottle and snacks or lunch. This is a great opportunity for students to earn community service hours and for residents to get involved by lending a helping hand in their community. 

 All volunteers must register prior to the event. For details and registration for individuals or groups, please visit For registration questions, please contact the City’s Environmental Services Division at or (619) 691-5122.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Fentanyl Awareness Workshop

There are fentanyl awareness events in Spanish coming up!

They will be 100% in Spanish, registration is required, the event is free, Narcan will be distributed for free and there will be free childcare on site.

10/6 National City: MLK Jr Community Center 5 -7:30pm

Thursday, September 14, 2023

October Red Devils After Dark Calendar

Service Academy Night

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive Service Academies Information Night, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the prestigious U.S. Service Academies and the incredible opportunities they offer for your education and future career.

This event is open to high school students who are considering pursuing a unique and honorable path in their education and service to the nation. Whether you have a strong interest in the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, or the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, this information night will provide you with valuable insights and guidance.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

South Bay Community Talks- September 20th

 Youth in Action and Partnerships 4 Success under the Institute for Public Strategies will host the South Bay Community Talks in collaboration with McAllister on Wednesday, September 20th, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Olivewood Gardens in National City.

We will provide a safe space for teens, young adults, families, and community members of all ages to talk openly about issues related to community stress, alcohol use, drug misuse, and the fentanyl overdose crisis. Translation services will be available for those who prefer Spanish.

Along with hearing from community organizers and local mental health providers, a FREE light dinner will be provided for all who attend. Community service hours are available for youth who participate and bring their community service form ready for signatures.

Please feel free to share the attached flier with your community, peers, partners, and social media platforms. If there are any questions, please email:

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Counselor/Parent Chats - September 6, 2023

Counselor/Parent Chats Q & A   September 6, 2023

We have an 11th grader. Looking for any resources to help situate her into a 4-year university next year. When do we apply, student services etc. How and when we apply for grants etc. How soon do we apply for scholarships etc.

·      All Juniors receive a Counselor Led Post Secondary presentation in the Fall of their Junior Year. Students can also schedule an appointment with their counselor. Our Counseling Center Website has a lot of information as well. Students also have a Google Classroom for their grade level where we upload resources including our in person presentations. Timeline and important info regarding college can also be found on our “So You Want To Go To College” flyer

We have a10th grader in the mod / severe dept. What resources are available to her as she progresses through high school. 

·   All students in the mod/severe program or who get special services have an IEP and students can work closely with their case carrier, school psychologist, and counselor. Students in the mod/severe program would also have transition plans in their IEP.

How can I have access to Jupiter grades?

·   Tech Support is available in the parent center on Tues/Thursday 8:30-10:30. Parents can also email their students counselors for Jupiter Access.

Are there any dates for university campus visits?

·   The counseling center is not currently hosting any dates for university campus visits. Students in the AVID program may have some campus visits through their program. If the counseling center becomes aware of any opportunities, we would post it on our counseling center website.

If there are any visits is there a preference for seniors?

·   No, all field trips offered are typically first come first served.

What are the upcoming College University and FASFA Deadlines for 12th graders?

·   Counselors are currently reviewing post-secondary plans with seniors during their individual credit check meeting. Important dates and deadlines can be found on our “So You Want To Go To College” flyer. Seniors can access their grade level presentation on their Google Classroom. The Deadline for CSU/UC’s is November 30th. FASFA Deadline for priority is March 2nd.

My freshman is currently struggling in 3 classes with substitutes – who can we contact?

·   Please reach out to your students Counselor and administration if you are struggling to get in contact with any substitute teachers.

When does my 11th grader need to start volunteer hours?

·   Start as soon as possible – as early as 9th grade. Although we only require 30 hours, more hours is recommended for university admissions and scholarship consideration. We recommended students volunteer in something that they are interested in. The Class of 2024 needs to complete 15 service hours. Currently 30 service hours is required for the class of 2025 and beyond. More information and the community service form can be found on our website under the community service tab.

Which teacher does my student turn in their hours to and what places are approved by the school?

·   Community Service Forms need to be turned into History/Social Science teachers. Students need to submit hours ideally that school year. For information on pre-approved places please visit our website under the community service tab.

Can my junior student start applying for grants? 

·       11th graders cannot apply for grants but they can apply for scholarships. Scholarship information can be found under the scholarship tab on our website

 My student did not get any information about Credit recovery 

·       Students who signed up should have gotten an email but if they did not the student can follow up with their counselor. Yesterday was the first day of credit recovery. Unfortunately, some class times were changed from afternoon to morning. Students can still report on Thursday. In the Morning, students should enter the main building through the north side of the building. Credit Recovery is Tues/Thurs and on the occasional Saturday. We understand some of the communication has been choppy. Credit Recovery will end on December 1st. For seniors taking credit recovery for A-G purposes, students will list any classes they are repeating when they apply.

What grades do students need to get a work permit? 

·   The school recommends a 2.0 but technically there are no GPA requirements. Permit applications can be found in the admin office.

 Does the school give any support in regard to sexual harassment/assault? 

·       For any support on this topic please make an appointment with your students’ counselor so that they can discuss different resources and make appropriate referrals as needed.