Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Counselor & Parent Chats - April 10

Part 1: Marijuana presentation by McAlister Institute
Part 2: Counselor Presentation

Counselor/Parent Chats Q & A   February 7, 2024

Guest Speakers: McAlister Institute Q&A:

Contact information for Ms. Maya Bernal:

telephone  number: 619 691-1045 ext 2009

Can schools require random tests for students like they do in some workplaces? 

Per school counselors, we cannot test students, but we can provide resources like MCAlister where they can take their student to be tested.  At McAlister center parents can pay $25 cash for marijuana tests.  Results will be available within 5 minutes.   

Does school allow vaping and/or vapes on campus? No

How do staff/administration check if a student has vape?  

They don’t do random searches, however, if they catch students in a bathroom, etc., and suspect the student is under the influence they will search student belongings.

Counselor Parent Chat- Q&A:

Scholarship or FAFSA/CADA eligibility? 

There are some scholarships based on financial need, some students who do not meet financial need can be denied. But there are other scholarships based on merit, community service and other factors. Scholarships vary in requirements. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships they are eligible for. 

For FAFSA/CADA students will not be denied, however, the amount received will be based on financial need.  It is the school the student applied to and plans to attend that will communicate with the student with respect to the financial aid award letter. If you have additional questions it is recommended to make an appointment with your student’s counselor.

FAFSA/CADAA deadline May 2, 2024. Please remember to check with the individual university.

Will I get confirmation my child will walk during graduation?

There will be senior clearance, June 3rd, to confirm your student completed all their remaining graduation requirements.  However you are welcome to contact your students counselor to check your students progress towards completing their graduation requirements. 

Can 11th graders do their volunteer hours in the summer?  

Yes. They can do it any time.  Seniors class of 2024 need 15 hours.  Please visit for more details. Remember graduating class of 2025 and beyond are required to complete 30 hours. Students need to complete the community service verification form. You are able to pick-up with their social science teachers,, and in the counseling center.

What benefits are there for my student to complete more than 30 hours of community service?  

The benefits can be for personal growth, scholarship opportunities and selective university admission, for example UC schools. 

Which teacher does my student turn in their hours to and what places are approved by the school?

Community Service Forms need to be turned into History/Social Science teachers. Students need to submit hours ideally that school year. For information on pre-approved places please visit our website under the community service tab.