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As we all know, college costs. However, there are a variety of options to financing your education. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will allow you to see what type of assistance you will be receiving. The following information will help you understand more about the types of financial help you can get for college.

A gift of money that does not need to be repaid; California awards CalGrants and universities award their own grants; amounts vary

Money given to a students for college that must be paid back, usually with interest; interest varies based on the type of student loan

Federal Work Study
Program that provides part-time jobs for students to earn money for college expenses; jobs may be related to the student's major interest and may be on or off campus.

Money awarded to students who may have above average grades and/or special talents and abilities; scholarships are gifts that do not need to be repaid; financial need may or may not be a consideration.

There are five main sources of financial aid:

1. Aid from the federal government;

2. Aid from state government;

3. Aid from private sources (both national and local sources);

4. Aid from colleges;

5. And, aid from a student’s personal family resources.

Each avenue has its own application processes and deadlines. Students can work with our scholarship counselor to explore all of these options to maximize their likelihood of securing funding for college.

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College admission applications are usually required before the submission of financial aid applications.

Admissions applications for the University of California are due by November 30. Complete UC application information is available at the Office of the UC President at

Applications for admission to all campuses of the California State University open October 1. Applications may be submitted via CSU Mentor beginning on October 1, and all admissions categories are subject to closure at any time after November 30.

Private colleges and universities have admissions application deadlines spread out over several months. Also, many colleges have early admissions deadlines. Students applying by the early admission deadline receive application consideration before those applying later but conditions apply to the early admission offers. Early admissions notices usually arrive in December or January. Early admission is encouraged if the student is a high school senior and the college is one of his or her top-choice colleges. It is important that students visit the website of those schools in which they have interest to determine the application submission requirements and deadlines.