Course Listing

Follow this link for the 
 school year.

Parents and students are encouraged to read through this list to make informed decisions when choosing classes.

This list includes:
  • Course Name
  • Prerequisites
  • A-G distinction
  • Course Description

Course Selection Process

Course registration for the following school year begins in February each year.

STEP ONE: Students will be recommended for their core classes by their teachers, counselors, and administrators based on their grades, test scores, and other factors.

STEP TWO: Classes will visit the counseling center and students will choose their classes with their counselor. Students will be given a Course Offerings Form indicating the classes chosen.

STEP THREE: Students will have their parent/guardian sign the Course Offerings Form and return the form to the Counseling Center with any class change requests. Parents are encouraged to call the counseling center with any questions regarding course selection.

STEP FOUR: Class change appointments happen after school during the first week of each semester.

Changes will only be honored if:
● the class has already been taken
● there is an error in the course level
● administration directed class change

Period/teacher changes or elective preferences will not be honored. Requests to drop advanced level courses (AP, Honors, Accelerated) require Assistant Principal for approval.

If there are any questions, please call the counselors at 619-474-9720 or email.