Monday, August 8, 2016

Revised SAT numbers and Averages for Fall 2016 SDSU Admitted Students

SDSU will be taking the new portion of the SAT called Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) in lieu of the Critical Reading section to compute an applicant's eligibility to the CSU. The new EBRW score is still scored the same way, with a score between 200-800, just like the Critical Reading section and math.

With a recalibration, the minimum Eligibility Index needed to be CSU eligible is now a 2950. Per the memo, this will be grandfathered in and 2900 students are still CSU eligible for fall 2017. Given the impaction of SDSU's campus, students will still need to be competitive to gain admissions. For fall 2018, all would need to meet at least the 2950 to be considered.

Clearing Remediation:
The new minimum score needed on the SAT EBRW test to clear English remediation is 550 whereas the old Critical Reading score was a 500.

The new minimum score needed on the new SAT Math to clear remediation is 570, up from 500 last year.

The SAT conditionally ready scores for SAT EBRW are now the ranges 510-540, up from 460-490 previously.

The SAT conditionally ready scores for SAT Math are now 520-560, up from 490-540 previously.

Students cannot superscore between old and new tests, but can still superscore within the same version of the test. We will take both the old and the new tests for fall 2017-fall 2020 applicants, though the vast vast majority will have the new version only.

In case anyone is curious about the general differences between the new and old test, please see the following link:

Fall 2016 Averages
Our new averages for fall 2016 admitted students are:
  • A 3.85 GPA with 1174 SAT (old test critical reading and math) and 27 AC