Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Red Devil Way - Week of August 22

Each week, Sweetwater High celebrated the RED DEVIL WAY as a way to recognize students and staff who demonstrate the model characteristics of being a Red Devil. 

This week we celebrate student Eduardo Ocampo and staff members Ms. Garcia and Mr. Calloway!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admissions Presentation

Thursday, September 29, 2016, 6:30pm
Qualcomm Incorporated
Building Q Auditorium
6455 Lusk Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121

Community Service: CERT Academy

Seniors! Register for the SAT and ACT soon!


Planning to go to a 4-year university?

Don't forget to take your SAT!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Need Help Logging Into Infinite Campus?

Common Parent Questions
Infinite Campus

How do I access Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus keeps requesting a District ID#. What is the District ID#?
District ID# FCPXPV

How do I create an account with Infinite Campus?
You should have created an account when you registered for this school year. However, for those who do not have an account follow these instructions:
  • The parents can create a portal account by using their Campus Activation Key. If you have your activation key, on the home screen press “help” on the bottom left. This will drop down an option to continue using the key.
  • If you do not have an activation key, please have them call 619-793-7731 to retrieve the code.
What is the number to call if I experience other issues with Infinite Campus?
Infinite Campus Sweetwater Hotline: 619-796-7745

Is my Infinite Campus portal similar to my son or daughter’s portal?
Your portal is almost identical. However, if you have multiple children, you will be able to view each of their grades/attendance separately but through the same account.

Where can I learn more about navigating through Infinite Campus?
There are some helpful youtube videos and tutorials through YouTube.

Why are some teachers using Infinite Campus for “in-progress” grades and others are using Jupiter?
This is a transition year for our teachers. While you may find your child’s teachers posting “in progress” grades through Jupiter, you may also find some teachers posting “in progress” grades through Infinite Campus. However, every grading period (progress reports & semester grades) will be posted under “grades” on Infinite Campus.

What will I be able to find on Infinite Campus?
You will find detailed information about your child’s attendance. All progress report grades and semester grades for each of your child’s classes will be posted on Infinite Campus under “grades”.

Can I send emails to teachers through Infinite Campus? What about Jupiter?
Email addresses of teachers can be accessed through Infinite Campus by selecting the envelope icon next to the teacher’s name. Messages can also be sent through Jupiter to teachers for the remainder of the year. 

The following is the format for student to login.Username = Student ID
Password = first letter of fistname first letter of lastname then mmddyy
John Doe – 01/01/2001