Wednesday, April 3, 2013

High School Filipin@ Graduation of San Diego

Hello Friends, Families, & Kasamas in the Community,

We are extremely excited to announce our 5th Year of the all High School Filipin@ Graduation of San Diego.  This event has been a very important event for us and the community, as well as the High School Seniors it honors.  We are attaching an official press release and flyers to pass out to potential participants. Whether you work with, are related to or know any High School Seniors, we implore you to inform them of this event.  It is not strictly for Filipin@ students, so anyone is welcome, as long as they are graduating this year.  Please visit our website for more information :

This event is unique as it not only honors the students with a graduation ceremony, but will recognize each individual student by having them share a few words on stage, and we celebrate their family and friends with a reception afterward. We hope you share the vision we have for this celebration and make this a successful memorable event. We look forward to holding this event for many years to come.

To further your support of the HS FilGrad, we also collect donations from the community, to enable this event to be free for the participants.  Please visit our KickStarter campaign HERE, to find out how you may help out this very important event.

Thank you so much for your time,
Lily Prijoles
HS FilGrad Committee