Thursday, August 14, 2014

Community Service! Volunteer Descriptions HarborFest 2014

Volunteer Descriptions HarborFest 2014 - see the community service board in the 100 hall way adjacent to the counseling center for applications!


Thank you for volunteering for the Chula Vista Harbor Fest 2014 to take
place on Saturday, August 16th, Bayside Park. We are excited to be
creating an amazing event. We could not make this festival a success
without the generosity of our dedicated volunteers.
Please see below a brief description of the various volunteer duties
necessary for this event.

Car Parkers and Boat Display (to usher car and boat exhibitors) – 10 AM to
5 PM – 4 volunteers needed throughout the day – 4 radios
1. Pick up radio at information booth
2. Help with cars as they come in and keeping cars on schedule
3. Run car registration packets out to the participating drivers
4. Assist the car to park in the correct angle and in their location
5. Assist drivers with any additional questions they may have
6. Walk around car area during the event and check in with the
participants and make sure that all of their questions are being
7. Make sure the placards are visible for judging
8. Collect ballots and get ready for judging

Program / Greeters – 4 needed (Time Frame: 11 AM to 5 PM) – 4 radios
1. As people enter into the event the volunteers will greet guests and
hand them an event program
2. Answer all guest questions or direct them to information booth
Stage Hands – 3 needed (Time Frame: 11 AM to 8 PM) – 3 radios
1. Pick up radio at check in booth
2. Assist band with all needs
3. Make sure band has lunch, water and sodas
4. Work with band throughout their set up and break down

Volunteer Check in – 4 needed (Time Frame: 5 AM to 8 PM) – 1 radio
1. Pass out all radio to volunteers and make sure they are on the
correct channel per their position
2. Assist with volunteers checking in and handing them their passes,
job description and answering questions prior to their shift
3. Store their belongings in the tent
4. If volunteers are not showing up you will need to rearrange
volunteers to make sure that all time sensitive jobs are given priority
5. If volunteers are late to their shifts then you must begin calling and
checking with them on their estimated arrival times
6. Answer all questions for volunteers
7. Make sure they all have name tags on
8. Make sure the sodas and waters are kept cold and stocked for

Rovers – 6 needed (Time Frame: 10 AM to 8 PM) – 6 radios
1. Pick up radio at check in booth
2. Volunteers will be assigned to job duties as they are needed or
placed in other positions if we are short volunteers in other areas

Information Booth inside the venue - 4 needed (Time Frame: 10 AM to 8
PM) – 1 radio
1. Pick up radio at check in booth
2. Answer all questions of guests
3. Hand out maps
4. Hand out programs
5. Hand out information about Chula Vista and any of sponsors and/or
6. Ask how people have heard about the event

Vendor, Sponsor, Seafood and Art Load In – 12 needed (Time Frame: 7AM
to 5 PM) – 12 radios
1. Meet at the park on Friday for a pre-walk around with the area lead
you are volunteering for
2. Pick up radios at check in booth on day of
3. Assist vendors, sponsors, seafood and artists as they load into the
venue and to find their booth spaces
4. Work with vendors, sponsors, seafood and artists to off-load their
cars and help them get set up if need be
5. Answer any questions they may have about the event or load out
6. Seafood Tasting assist in helping out with the chef demonstration on
the day of and or give input on chefs that would like to participate
7. Seasfood Tasting make sure chefs and restaurants are happy and
continue to check in with them throughout the day
8. Artist area make sure artists oasis area is refreshed for artists