Monday, August 11, 2014

Need Help With Your iPad?

Students who need help:
1. E-mail – this is being monitored during the day and every night M-F until 10 PM. It’s also being monitored on Sundays from 3-9 PM.
Messages to parents/students/community
1. Do not take iPads on vacation, out of the country, or to public places where they may get lost or stolen
2. Report lost or stolen iPads to school administration immediately so we can put our loss/theft team to work on recovering the iPad
3. Do not remove cases from iPads
4. Do not put iPads in backpacks where books or other heavy objects can hit the screen and crack them
5. Do not download personal apps or games on your school iPad
6. Keep all files and pictures stored in Google Drive – not on the iPad
7. Parents – do not attach credit card information to your student’s Apple ID. You do not have to pay for school apps or textbooks.
8. Parents/Students – do not take broken iPads to the Apple Store. They must be repaired or serviced through SUHSD.