Friday, January 30, 2015

January Chef Career Speakers

Today, Tara from Juniper and Ivy and Baba from Arterra in Del Mar joined our students at SUHi to talk about their passions about being a chef. Students had the opportunity to ask them questions about how they view their jobs, how to become a chef, etc.

These ladies gave our students lots of great advice. They empahsized that teamwork and respect in the kitchen is a must, just like in any other work place. To be successful as a chef, you have to love what you do. It was very apparent these two ladies have a passion for cooking and love being in the kitchen as they told stories of their experiences working in the culinary field. 

Tara and Baba also talked about having passion for the work you do which ultimately leads to success, "If you have passion for what you do, it comes out in the meals you prepare and it reflects in the quality of your work."

To be hired as a chef, education is a must. Professional schooling or extensive training in a kitchen setting is most desirable. The ladies shared, "To be a chef, you have to start at the bottom and refine your skill, work your way up."

Ultimately, Tara and Baba emphasized that making impressions while in school and building network connections help you get a job.

Thanks to Tara and Baba for visiting with SUHi today!

Come join us next month, February 27, for our  information and communication technologies speakers! See your counselors if you are interested!