Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Careers In Carpentry

What is a Carpenter?
Carpenters work with many tools and materials to build schools, erect skyscrapers, construct bridges, tunnels and highways. Just about every building in your community was at least partially built by skilled journeyman carpenters. To be a carpenter is to be a member of one of the oldest and most respected trades. You can build a lifetime career in carpentry, if you like working with tools and like to create things.        

The Carpenters Apprenticeship Program is a four - (4) year apprenticeship program approved by the State of California .

Apprentices receive on the job training (through Employers signatory to the Union ) and related and supplemental instruction (through training centers) throughout the term of the program.

Upon completion of the minimum requirements of the program a person is promoted to the classification of a Journeyman with a trade certificate. Upon successful completion, each person will receive a certificate from the State of California and from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

In order to indenture into the apprenticeship program ( become an apprentice) a person must meet the following requirements:
  1. Be at least seventeen (17) years of age (no upper limit)
  2. Be able to do the work of the trade
  3. Have transportation or a way to get to the job site
  4. Secure a job with a contractor signatory to the Master Labor Agreement
Once a person has found a job with a Union Contractor, a Letter of Subscription must be filled out by the Employer. After the Employer has completed the Letter of Subscription, it can be taken to any one of the Local Unions listed. At the Local Union, you will fill out paperwork to complete your indenture into the apprenticeship program. At this time, you will also apply for membership into the Carpenters Union.

The following documents must be submitted upon filling out the paperwork at the union:
  1. Driver's License or Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card or Immigration Registration Card
You may wish to contact the Local Union in advance to find out what the required fees are at the time of indenture and the hours that they are open. The Local Union is also a good source of information regarding the availability of jobs and prospective contractors who may be in need of an apprentice.


San Diego Training Center
8595 Miralani Drive
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 621-2667

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.swctf.org/home/sc_join_eng.html