Thursday, November 17, 2016

UC and CSU College Apps: Haven’t started? No worries, it can still be done!

The UC and CSU deadline is just around the corner! November 30th is just 4 school days away!

Remember, you need to have at least a 2.0 (preferably a 2.5 or higher) to apply to the CSU schools and a 3.0 to apply to UC schools.

You should have been receiving call slips from us to come down to the counseling center to work if your teacher allows.

If not, see us at nutrition break, lunch, or afterschool Nov 18, or 28 to 30th if you need help!

Haven’t started? No worries, it can still be done!

All you need is:

·        Your transcript (We can provide you another one if you need it)
·        Your social security number (if none, its OK)
·        Parents'/Guardians’ highest levels of education
·        Total annual family income (an estimate of how much money your parents earn in a year)
·        Family size (how many people live in your home)
·        What U.S. state does your parent/guardian regard as his/her permanent home?
·        Does your parent/guardian claim California residency?
·        Has your parent/guardian lived in California continuously since his/her birth?
o   If no, when did his or her stay in California begin? (month and year)
·        Applying to a UC, write your responses to the Personal Insight Questions