Friday, December 16, 2016

So You Want To Go To College? Now What?

Here is a chronological checklist of how to prepare!

9th and 10th grade
Get good grades! Complete your A-Gs and try to take a few AP and honrs classes.

11th and 12th grade
  • Register and take the SAT and ACT exam
  • SAT and ACT is required for more 4-year universities. It is NOT required for COMMUNITY COLLEGE
  • You should take your SAT and ACT at least once at the end of your junior year and again at the beginning of your senior year
  • Go to to register for the SAT
  • Go to to register for the ACT
  • If you qualify for free lunch, see your counselor for a FEE WAIVER to waive the fee for the exams.
  • Make sure you SEND SCORES to the college and universities you plan to apply to when you register for the test
    • For ACT and SAT, if you send to one UC school, your scores will automatically be sent to all UCs.
    • For the SAT, if you send to “California State University Mentor”, your scores will automatically be sent to all CSUs.

  • Research colleges and universities
    • Click on “Explore Careers”, then “College Majors”, and enter what you would like to study in college
    • Explore the description of the major and research colleges and universities which offer the field of study
  • – explore the site!
    • Click on MAJORS to search UCs and CSUs that offer your desired field of study
    • Click “CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS MAJOR ON THE CAMPUS WEBSITE” to learn more about the major and the campus
    • Search for the college and universities you are interested in.
    • Click the ADMISSIONS tab and take a look at the ADMISSIONS SCATTERGRAM to see your chances of gaining admissions to that particular school.
12th graders

  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Visit often for scholarship updates
  • Register on sites like and for more opportunities.
  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens October 1. The deadline is March 2. This is the application for LOANS, GRANTS, and WORK STUDY >>>
    • Counselors available afterschool to help
    • SUHi’s Financial Aid Night – January every year – see counselor for date
      • Bring your parents! FAFSA process will be explained in detail.

  • Wait for Admissions Notices
  • Check your email at least once a week for communication from the schools you’ve applied to!
  • Pay attention to deadlines!
  • Send requested forms and documents in a timely manner!
  • UCs and CSUs Intent to Enroll deadline is May 2 (private and out-of-state deadlines vary)