Tuesday, November 28, 2017

San Diego Foundation Scholarship Application Opening

The San Diego Foundation's 2018-19 Common Scholarship Application will open Friday, December 1st. Many awards included in the application have criteria that makes them better suited to specific groups of students, which means that counselors, administrators, mentors, and community members are vital to helping match those students with relevant awards.

Click here to find scholarship flyers that may correspond to your interests.

There are also more than a dozen separate awards that are administered by The San Diego Foundation but not included in the Common Scholarship Application. These opportunities should be of interest to any motivated students that you may know, and we appreciate you taking the time to pass the information along to them.

In addition to listing separate awards, The San Diego Foundation website has a number of other tools to help students, parents, and mentors navigate the scholarships process. 

On the students tab you can find a full list of award criteria, Tips for a Competitive Application (attached), and a practice application to prepare for December 1st.