Counselor Core Curriculum Lessons

9th graders-
It's time to take a look at your 6 year plans! All 9th grade classes will be coming thru the counseling center to participate in an educational essential core curriculum lesson, where we will talk about how to maximize your high school opportunities.

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After the presentation, please complete the post test.

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Senior Core Curriculum Lesson - Pre-Test- click HERE

Seniors will begin their rotation through the counseling center with their Gov/Econ Classes starting August 30-Sept 21st.

Seniors will participate in a core curriculum lesson on the FSA ID and will receive a senior folders which include:

  • Copy of their transcript
  • Social Security and diploma name verification letter
  • Community Service Verification Form
  • Counseling Center Contact Info
  • Example of a resume
  • SUHSD Graduation Requirements
  • SAT/ACT information
  • Letter of Recommendation Form
  • College Checklist
  • Scholarship Tips
All information can also be accessed online by joining the Class of 2019 Google Classroom. You must use a non sweetwater school email to join.
access code: kibq9al

Post Test Access: HERE