Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ARTS: A Reason to Survive

Thanks for one of SUHi's awesome teachers, Ms. Tellez, the counselors were able to visit the ARTS center of National City, CA. ARTS stands for A Reason To Survive. The ARTS center is a place for young people to use art to heal themselves from the challenges of life, inspire themselves to foster their love of art, and empower students to follow their artistic passions.

The ARTS center is open to students ages 3 to 23. The classes offered range from ceramics, music, paining, sculpting, film production, dance, theater, and more! Fashion and photography classes are in the works! Classes are held in the evenings and weekends. The classes are at no-cost! Any student who is interested in encouraged to visit their counselor to get an application or visit the ARTS center to get more information.

The SUHi counselors fell in love with ARTS! We know many of our students will too! We have so many students who love art and need a place to develop their passion and learn more about art. 

Check out the pictures below from our visit! The ARTS center is an awesome facility! The ARTS center is beautifully decorated with art projects created by ARTS students themselves!

The ARTS center coodinates community projects like this one for Olivewood Gardens

Beautiful butterflies greet you as you enter the center

ARTS art found in the entry of the center
Student art
Hallway covered in a student mural