Monday, October 6, 2014

Check out Providence College in Rhode Island for FREE

Hello Seniors!
See message below from one of our SUHi Alumni!
This is a great opportunity for you to check out Providence College in Rhode Island for FREE!
Questions? Let us know.
You can also email Pedro at or Karen Vargas at
Thanks and see you back at school tomorrow!!
-Ms. Luansing

Hi Ms. Chavez-Casas,
Its Pedro Alemán. Everything is going great as it is now my second year in college!!! I have been meaning to contact you, because my school is starting a new program for multi-cultural students, mainly from a low-income community, who are interested in applying to my school or who are thinking about college. It is called Pathways to PC and it is going to be on November 4th. It is a one day event where high school seniors can see what is it like to attend classes here at my school, and also have Financial Aid sessions along with descriptions of scholarships my school offers for accepted multi-cultural students. 

I know that it is a big commitment, and that it is far away, but my school will give some vouchers for students to fly into Providence. I was thinking of hopefully bringing 1 or 2 maybe 3 students to my school to come check it out. This is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime, and I know that my school has changed my life dramatically and will impact a SUHi Red Devil!!!! If you have any questions or would like to have more information, please please don't hesitate to contact the coordinator in charge of this event. Her name is Karen Vargas and her e-mail is, and she would gladly answer any questions you have. Here is a link for more information!!!! We need more California, especially National City, kids here!!!!

Pathways to PC - Office of Admission - Providence College
Providence College is a primarily undergraduate, liberal arts, independent, not-for-profit, Catholic institution of higher education. Committed to fostering academic excellence through the sciences and humanities, the College provides a variety of opportunities for intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual growth in a supportive environment.


Pedro R. Alemán
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Sociology
Spanish, Latin-American Studies, & History Minor
Resident Assistant, St. Joseph Hall
Director of Development, College Democrats of Rhode Island
Treasurer, Class of 2017
Vice-President of PC Democrats
BMSA Social Committee Member
Admission Ambassador
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