Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Audio Engineering Internships Offered

Professional Audio Engineering internships are being offered this summer in collaboration with Balboa Park's Cultural Arts Director during the 35th season of the Twilight in the Park free concert series of band performances in Balboa Park at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion, near the #7 & #215 bus lines.

The internships are an opportunity for anyone interested in learning how to use professional audio equipment well, and teaching will be tailored for beginners--no previous knowledge or experience needed. Those with some experience may also apply. We don't care what major you may be in: All interested students are welcome to apply.

In the following description, I will use some technical terms. If you don't understand them, this internship may be perfect for you! Our objective is that by the end of the season you will understand what is going on in an audio system. 

Our concert season begins June 16th and continues through Sept. 3rd. Before the season begins, there will be two system set-ups and tests. These pre-season sessions also serve as the beginning of training for interns. Interns must attend one of these pre-season sessions, but may attend both. Dates are Th 6/4 & W 6/10, starting at 3:00 p.m. and ending before 9 p.m.

Concerts occur every Tue., Wed., and Thu. Interns must commit to working one day a week. Work begins at 3:00 p.m., and continues until 9 p.m. at the latest Allowances will be made for missing a day due to a vacation trip, illness, etc., or need to return to school before season's end.

The work consists of setting up our complete sound system--both the main system and stage monitor system--for each concert. You will be given detailed instruction and close supervision. After each concert the system must be taken down and put back in storage. Some hands-on experience with the mixer will be offered, however mixing during the concerts will not be done by interns. Our mixer is a Behringer Eurodesk 3242FX, 24+8x4x2+1 analog mixer. We have four main cabinets and five stage monitors

NOTE: Although a few pieces of our equipment are heavy, you will not be required or asked to do anything beyond your physical capabilities: There will be plenty of lighter work to do. Bear in mind that the majority of audio engineering work consists of brain work, attentive listening and appreciation for quality sound, not brawn.

After each concert there will be a session on theory. Attendance at theory sessions is optional. Theory topics will begin with basic nomenclature, then the flow of audio through the system and the functions of system components, then the functions of controls, and will become more advanced throughout the season. Graphs and basic algebra may be used.

Interns who successfully complete at least 44 hours of internship will receive a certificate jointly from the Twilight in the Park Concert Committee and the City of San Diego.

We will accept applications from students who are at least 16 years of age, have a good attendance record (we need interns who will show up reliably), who listen well and work well with others.

It is our intent that at the end of the season interns will have an in-depth understanding of sound systems-- including flow of audio through the system, purpose of each component, what all the controls do, microphone characteristics, and of concepts such as frequency response, decibels, impedance, balanced and unbalanced, line and mic levels, etc.--so that interns will feel confident in setting-up and using other professional sound systems or when approaching a system in a recording or broadcast studio or other permanently installed system, and will have an overarching concept of the system's structure and audio flow.

Although you will be learning audio for live performances, most of what you learn through this internship will also apply to the fields of broadcasting, studio recording, radio, TV and movie production, other live sound situations, and even DJ systems.

No previous experience needed, beginners welcome.
At least 16 years of age. (I know: This is not a skill.)
Desire to know how to successfully set-up and use a professional sound system.
Appreciation of quality sound.
Work well with others.
Able to listen attentively.

Contact Information:
Mr. Paul Schlomann
Audio Engineer
Twilight in the Park Concerts

Marie Wiggins
Cultural Arts and Facilities Manager
Balboa Park

How to Apply:
Print application at http://www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation/pdf/volunteer/volunteerapp.pdf.
(Note: It is a City of San Diego form.)
Fill in your info. (For "geographic area" check Downtown/Balboa Park. For your availability, only Tu, W, Th are pertinent.)

Applications must be received before May 31, 2015.
Mail completed form to:
Paul Schlomann
5175 Barbara Ann Place
San Diego CA 92115
Marie Wiggins
Cultural Arts and Facilities Manager
Balboa Park
2125 Park Blvd.
San Diego CA 92101