Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Juniors: ACT This Saturday!

Many juniors will be taking the ACT this Saturday, April 18. Remind them that unlike the SAT, there is no penalty for a wrong answer (just a zero) so they should bubble an answer to EVERY question, even if they have to guess on numerous questions. Good luck, juniors!

SAT/ACT Checklist:
·      Admission Ticket (printout)
·      Two # 2 pencils (wooden, not mechanical) and a soft eraser
·      Photo ID, such as school ID, driver’s license or passport
·      Calculator. To see a list of calculators that are NOT allowed, go to
·      Driving directions
·      A watch (no audible alarm/no sound)
·      Extra calculator batteries if the calculator is not solar
·      Small pencil sharpener
·      A bag or backpack
·      A sweater or jacket
·      Drink and/or snacks
·      Tissue/Kleenex

*There will be an SAT May 2 and June 6 and another ACT on June 13.