Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Class Changes for Fall 2015

Welcome back SUHI!

School begins July 22nd at 7:30AM.

Please look for the period 1 listings in key places on campus and report to period 1.

If you are missing a period or have a duplicate period on your schedule, report to the counseling center during the period of conflict.

We will only do class changes for:
  • incorrect course level
  • classes that differ from original request

Schedule changes will be done AFTER-SCHOOL at the counseling center on these dates ONLY:

  • Seniors (12th grade) - Monday, July 27th until 5PM
  • Juniors (11th grade) - Tuesday, July 28th until 5PM
  • Sophomores (10th grade) - Wednesday, July 29th until 5PM
  • Freshman (9th grade) - Thursday, July 30th until 5PM

**do not email your counselor
**online schedule request form is no longer available

Please be advised that we will NOT do changes for:
1) teacher changes - unless you have had the teacher in the past and earned a D/F in the course
2) period changes