Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LSSSC Talent Search Program

Planning on going to College? 

Then Talent Search is for YOU!

LSSSC Talent Search is a Federal TRIO Program 

designed to outreach and 
provide student service programs for individuals 
from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Our goal is to increase the number of youth 
who complete high school and 
enroll in and complete their 
postsecondary education.

Talent Search is FREE!!! (All you have to do is apply!)

FREE Services provided include:
Academic Counseling
Tutoring Referrals
After School Workshops
Community Service Opportunities
Support completeing college applications
Support completing Financial Aid Applications
And so much more!
To Qualify:
You must attend Sweetwater High School
Be either a future First Generation College Students
Recieve free or reduced lunch
Be a US citizen or permanent resident
Plan to attend a college of university
Ready to apply, have any questions 
or are not sure if you qualify?

Come to the counseling center and 
ee Ms. Vallejo TODAY!