Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Just Smile #BeWellRedDevils

Happy Wellness Wednesday Red Devils!

Last week’s kindness challenge was to smile at others as you walked around campus. How did it go?

This week let’s continue to spread kindness around campus by sharing a smile or two!

Because YELLOW stands for happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and joy, we are asking for our campus community to wear YELLOW on Wednesdays to help promote our Wellness Wednesday efforts.

Self-CareUse your calendar to schedule “me time” to do something you enjoy.

Kindness ChallengeStart a cycle of encouragement. Tell someone near you what you appreciate about them. They may return the favor when you need it most.

Affective StatementI am so appreciative of you/your...

We also invite you to visit our Wellness Wednesday lounge in the counseling center at lunch every Wednesday. It’s the perfect spot to de-stress and decompress.

To spread the good news of our wellness efforts, please use the hashtag #BeWellRedDevils in sharing your Wellness Wednesday activities.

Be Well Red Devils!