Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Important Senior Information and Dates

Purchase by March 1st 2017 – Cap and Gown:     
Seniors make sure to order your cap and gown by March 1st.  Whether you are purchasing or borrowing the cap and gown, you must submit an order form.  Go online to:  www.sdgrad.com or call 619-440-5426 to take care of your order.  Cap and Gowns are ordered directly from the student to the vendor—not the ASB.  Seniors have two options: 1. Pay for the cap and gown for $22.75 or borrow the cap and gown for $0 cost.  Those are the two options.  Of course, if seniors want more items they can order additional items as well at www.sdgrad.comGraduation is Thursday, June 1st at 6:00pm at Southwestern College. 

Purchase by May 1st --Prom:
We have 300 tickets left for prom.  The Senior Prom this year will be held at the University of San Diego on Saturday, May 13th from 7pm – 11pm.  The cost of one ticket is $45 dollars.   After spring break, prices will go up to $50 dollars a ticket.

Purchase by April 3rd
Grad Nite will be at Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday, May 19th.  We will leave Sweetwater High School at 1pm and return the following morning at 5am.  We have sold out 3 buses already (out of 8).  The price for a Grad Nite ticket is $145 dollars.  There will be no price increase, but the last day to purchase a ticket is April 3rdNo exceptions.  On April 3rd at 5:00pm, I have to submit our ticket purchase request.  If not, we will not have access to tickets.

Non Privilege List:

Seniors, make sure that you are being cleared from the non-privilege list.  The aforementioned Senior Events are a privilege, not a right!  Therefore, take care of your business so that you can participate in these memorable events!