Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November Counselor Chat

Thank you to our parents for joining us for our 2nd Counselor Chat for this school year. OUr next counselor chat will be on February 23 at 9AM. Links will be sent via email. 

Here are the presentation slides and audio recording with the Question and Answer responses below. 

Counselor/Parent Chats Q & A

Is it too early to do community service?
Not too early, students can start at any point but we always recommend student’s start sooner than later. Total hours are due by May of their senior year. Please see more information on Community Service Resources here:

How to start that, what to do, what’s required, what’s acceptable?

Students can visit ‘Community Service’ where they can find local options of approved non-profit organizations and community service verification forms.

I have a hard time with technology. Is there a way for me to get a paper copy of the community service form?

Students/parents can pick up a paper copy of the community service form at the front window of the counseling center or can request one from their social science/history teacher.

Jupiter Grades is a great resource for parents.

If a parent needs access please contact your student's counselor, we can help.

All students have access too. Parents can ask students to login and show them their grades.

What is the counseling center phone number?