Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Wellness Wednesday: What is Mental Health?

Happy Wellness Wednesday Red Devils! 

May is Mental Health Month so today, let's define mental health. 

Mental health refers to our emotional and social well-being and impacts how we think, feel, and behave. It plays a role in connecting with others, making decisions, handling stress, and many other aspects of daily life. Everyone has mental health, and it deserves your attention just as much as your physical health does.

Read more here: Fact Sheet #1, Spanish

We invite you to participate in our Mental Health Month Bingo to introduce mental health topics like recognizing warning signs, knowing the factors that can lead to mental health conditions, maintaining mental wellness, seeking help for mental health.

Our weekly emails and our Instagram @SUHiCounseling during the month of May will provide the answers. Please submit your responses here: suhimay2022 by May 29th for a chance to win a variety of prizes!

Because YOU play the most important role at our school in keeping our campus safe, don't forget if you see something, say something

Because YELLOW stands for happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and joy, we are asking for our campus community to wear YELLOW on Wednesdays to help promote our Wellness Wednesday efforts.

We all need someone to talk to, someone who listens, and someone who understands. Your Sweetwater High School Counselors are here for you. Click here to complete the SUHi Wellness Check-In. Your counselor will reach out to you 😀

Virtual Wellness Room
Please visit our Virtual Wellness Room to take a break from your daily routine. Do some breathing exercises, stretch, or play a game. It's OK to take a time out for a "brain break".

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