Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alumni Parents Share their College Going Experiences

It's a pleasure every year when we have parents of our recent alumni share their experiences in having their children leave for college as the culminating workshop of our 5-week parent workshop series. The challenges of high school academics, completing community service hours, and navigating financial aid are anxieties many parents have.

Our parents this year shared their experiences of having their children leaving home. Mother of alumni Janet and Steven Nava shared her support of her children finding themselves and exploring their options through moving away for college. She shared that having your children move away is worrisome, but as parents you cannot hold onto our children forever. She shared that the fears we have as parents need to be put aside and we have to trust in our children that they will be successful in college. 

The father of Ashley Lopez, SUHi alumni 2014, who is now attending Harvard University, expressed the importance of taking advantage of outside support organizations like Hermanitas through the MANA program. Through this program, his daughter received the mentorship which encouraged her to pursue her dreams of attending a prestigious university. 

Thank you to all of our parents for making our annual parent Workshop Series a success!