Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Senior Core Curriculum Lessons

Senior Core Curriculum Lesson - Pre-Test- click HERE

Seniors will begin their rotation through the counseling center with their Gov/Econ Classes starting August 30-Sept 21st.

Seniors will participate in a core curriculum lesson on the FSA ID and will receive a senior folders which include:

  • Copy of their transcript
  • Social Security and diploma name verification letter
  • Community Service Verification Form
  • Counseling Center Contact Info
  • Example of a resume
  • SUHSD Graduation Requirements
  • SAT/ACT information
  • Letter of Recommendation Form
  • College Checklist
  • Scholarship Tips
All information can also be accessed online by joining the Class of 2019 Google Classroom. You must use a non sweetwater school email to join.
access code: kibq9al

Post Test Access: HERE