Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wellness Wednesday: Keep Going

 Happy Wellness Wednesday Red Devils!

It's the last stretch of the most challenging school year we've ever had. You've made it this far, don't give up now. 

You will never regret the decision to not give up. You can only get through tough times by doing just that—going through it. The decision to keep going is the only way you can learn. Life gets boring if you stay in one place for too long.

So whether you are moving on from 9th grade to 10th grade, or moving on to from high school to the "real world", know you are strong, many people believe in you, and you can do anything you put your mind to!

Please complete our Wellness Wednesday survey to help us improve for next year.

Self-Care Tip: Affirmations. YOU are your best cheerleader. Remind yourself often: I am LOVED. I am WORTHY. I CAN DO IT!

Kindness Challenge: Write positive affirmations or inspirational quotes on small pieces of paper, then hide them in random places for strangers to find.

We all need someone to talk to, someone who listens, and someone who understands. Your Sweetwater High School Counselors are here for you. We are just an email, video chat, or phone call away.

Virtual Wellness Room

Please visit our Virtual Wellness Room to take a break from your online classes. Do some breathing exercises, stretch, or play a game. It's OK to take a time out in the middle of the day for a "brain break".

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

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