Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Happiness Happens Day #BeWellRedDevils

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

August 8 is Happiness Happens Day, a day to celebrate all things happy. Created by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999 as Admit You're Happy Day, this unofficial holiday encourages people to be open about their happiness and to share it with others.

Why are you happy today? 

Because YELLOW stands for happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, and joy, we are asking for our campus community to wear YELLOW on Wednesdays to help promote our Wellness Wednesday efforts.

In the morning, listen to music that inspires, motivates, and makes you happy.

Collection of relaxing music

Kindness Challenge
Tell someone that they make you happy and how. Feel free to share it. Use #HappinessHappensDay to post on social media and let others know to do the same.

Affective Statement
I’m so thankful that…

We also invite you to encourage students to visit our Wellness Wednesday lounge in the counseling center at lunch every Wednesday. It’s the perfect spot to de-stress and decompress.

To spread the good news of our wellness efforts, please use the hashtag #BeWellRedDevils in sharing your Wellness Wednesday activities.

Be Well Red Devils!