Monday, August 6, 2018

What's Going On at SUHi Counseling?

The school year is now up and running! Here are some of the highlights of the lessons and programs the counselors are going this semester. 

  • Senior Credit Checks: All Seniors will meet with their counselor to review post-secondary plans, financial aid information and discuss academic progress towards graduation, if applicable, discuss credit recovery options.
  • College Application Workshops: Starting October 29th thru November 30th, Monday thru Wednesday, After-School College Application Workshops 2:45 to 4PM in the Counseling Center.

  • Freshman 6-year Plans: All 9th Graders will participate in a group presentation to review graduation, A-G requirements, post-secondary options and extra-curricular opportunities. They will complete a 6-Year plan where 9th graders can see how they can complete their graduation and A-G College admission requirement throughout the 4 years of High School.
  • Sophomore Career Exploration: 10th Graders will participate in Career Exploration lessons designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore career assessments, review their individual results and research careers in their field of interest. 

  • Suhi U Prep for Seniors: Sweetwater High University Prep program is an after school program designed to support student’s through their entire college application process. Program starts, August 9th.
  • SAT Prep for Seniors: Designed to provide seniors with SAT prep skills and testing strategies. Starts August 13th thru August 24th after school in the Counseling Center.
  • College & Career Awareness Day: The last day of the month, an information table is available at lunch with various resources for students on college and career information.
  • Wellness Wednesday: Every Wednesday, students are welcomed to come in the Counseling Center Conference Room, for a safe space to talk and reflect on various topics. 
  • Support Groups: Support groups will start in October. These groups are designed to support our students in their personal/social needs. Topics are to be determined upon participant area of need.
  • Parent Workshop Series: Parent workshops will begin October 17th, with opportunities for parents to attend 7 workshops through the school year that address academic, post-secondary and personal social topics to assist in working with their teen.

Questions? Come by and see you counselor!